Minggu, 12 Desember 2010


Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as the president of Indonesia canceled his visit to Netherland, which would be a historical moment. He took the decision has caused when SBY came to Netherland, in Den Haag would be held a justice to arrest him.

    “It’s about our self respect as one nation.” SBY said at press conference in VVIP Room, Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport, East Jakarta, Tuesday (October 10th 2010). SBY wore black coat with his assistants. 
This annulment has taken in last seconds when everything was already prepared. Servants of palace suddenly took all SBY’s needs which already prepared to Netherland, included a coat which written RI-1. President’s vehicle which brought SBY to Halim, suddenly prepared to go back to the palace. It made many speculations that SBY canceled his visit to Netherland, and became real after SBY answered it by his speech without question of audiens.

SBY said that he would send a letter to Prime Minister of Netherland about this annulment “Till everything is going to right, because our plan is to develop our cooperation.” SBY said seriously. SBY said the justice would disturb relation between Indonesia and Netherland. “(That) contraproductive because our cooperation with Netherland always develop, but we can see next.” said SBY.

SBY has canceled his visit to Netherland because there was a situation in Netherland which has disturbed his mind. SBY said when he visit to Netherland there would be a justice which the decision to arrest president of Indonesia, connected of Human Right in Indonesia. That is demand of some people , included RMS.This plan since 2007, and this year agend of visit Netherland was entered in president’s list. As detikcom informed that demand to arrest SBY enterd one day before he came.
John Wattilette from RMS believed that justice would make a decision before or as long as president visit to Netherland, as ANP informed, Monday (october 4th 2010). Detikcom can informed that RMS would take an advantage of president’s visit to make a big demonstration at Malieveld Square, Den Haag Thursday (October 7th 2010)

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